“The precision of a Cirque show with the electricity of a rock concert” –
Carmen bubbles with the spectacle that made these Cirque shows so irresistible.”

“loud, sexy and visually stunning, Prosper Merimee's 19th-century Gypsy heroine ‘Carmen’ dances boldly into the 21st century!”
North County Times

"sultry...erotic...luxuriant…nonstop momentum...[Dragone] sets out to entrance."
Los Angeles Times

"to give the professional theatre world a platform to debut such a high-end production as Carmen. We, the audience, can only say ‘thank you’ and support their efforts! Don’t miss this Carmen (thru July 22nd) … this is the moment to dance, the moment to live!”

"tremendous raw talent"
The San Diego Union-Tribune

"a whole lot of genuine heat!"

“It’s visually arresting, absolutely precise in its stagecraft and delivered with an exquisite taste in magic.” -
“The magic in this production is startling.” –
“Sarah Miles’ choreography is breath-taking.” –
“It’s stunning.”

“Franco Dragone’s Carmen is a masterpiece of stage choreographic magic!”

“Dragone's ‘Carmen’ is a breath of fresh air!”
North County Times

"Ryan Silverman's Jose was brash and exciting topped by a very strong voice.
the lovely Janien Valentine as the tragic Carmen who takes center stage."
"In the Flamenco dance sequences, as well as some of the staged action, one wonders how she will survive the production. She is dragged, thrown, and pummeled many times in the two and a half hours of the show".

"This Carmen is an excellent production with an exciting cast. The audience raved and gave it a standing ovation. I highly recommend it"

"imagine West Side Story transplanted to a 19th ceintury Spain"
Los Angeles Times

Dragone knows what sells in the commercial theater.
Los Angeles Times

'Premičre Carmen overtreft al mijn verwachtingen!'
Marco Borsato
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